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Golf Club Repair Services

Kirkpatrick Golf is a full-service golf club repair shop located in Nashville, Tennessee. We offer same day service on re-gripping and next day service on re-shafting. We also do loft and lie adjustments on irons and putters, shaft shortening and lengthening, frequency matching of shafts and swing weight adjustments.

All work is done in-house and is guaranteed for the life of the club. We stock graphite and steel shafts from Aldila, UST, Graffaloy, True Temper and KBS. Call for pricing on particular shaft requests.

Below are descriptions of the club repair services we offer. Please give us a call at (615) 760-5810 to discuss your specific needs, any questions you may have and pricing.


It is a good idea to have your clubs regripped at the beginning of each golf season. Grips lose a significant amount of their feel, and are difficult to hold onto once they have become worn or hard and slick. We have the professional knowledge to help you choose the right grip in regards to material, texture and size.

GolfWorks Gripping Station
Regripping an iron
Kirkpatrick Golf-removing iron head from shaft
Steve removes an iron head from the shaft (photo by Carol Hall, TeeTimes Paper)


We have the proper tools and equipment to reshaft all types of steel and graphite shafts. We can remove and install bore-through shafts, shaft adaptors and shaft extensions. We can also adjust a player’s club to a swing weight of their preference.

Ferrule Replacement

We can replace worn and damaged ferrules to improve the look of your club. We can re-epoxy loose or unattached heads, and remove annoying rattles caused by small pieces that can come loose inside the clubhead.

Kirkpatrick Golf-Ferrule Replacement
Steve smooths a replacement ferrule on a club.
Kirkpatrick Golf-adjusting lie angle of an iron
Steve adjusts the lie angle of an iron. (photo by Carol Hall, TeeTimes Paper)

Loft and Lie Adjustment

Lie angle has a significant effect on directional control. A lie angle that is too flat will cause shots to go right of the target. A lie angle that is too upright will cause shots to go left of the target. We use our dynamic fitting method with each player, then use our Mitchell Steel-Club Angle Machine to adjust your equipment to the exact loft and lies.

Putter Loft and Lie Adjustment

40 percent of your total strokes in a round of golf are with your putter. Making sure your putter has the correct lie and loft for your stroke is essential for consistent putting. We use our Mitchell Tour Gage Putter Machine for precise adjustments based on your address and putting method.

Shaft Frequency for Shaft Matching

Frequency is a measure of the flex of a shaft, and is defined by how many times per minute a shaft oscillates. The units of frequency are known as cycles per minute, or cpm. A shaft with a higher frequency is stiffer than one with a lower frequency. By using frequency as a method of comparing two different shafts, it is obvious which shaft is stiffer and by how much. Typically, there will be 10 cycles difference between shaft flexes. It is important to realize that there is no flex standard in the golf industry. One company’s Stiff may be another company’s Regular. Frequency offers the ability to duplicate a favorite club or a friend’s club that a player hit well. We use our Mitchell Digi-Flex Frequency Machine to match a head/shaft combination best fit to the player.

Maltby Designs laser frequency analyzer
Kirkpatrick Golf uses a laser frequency analyzer to measure the flex of a shaft.

Below are some of the brands we deal with. Please click on the logos to visit their websites.

Kirkpatrick Golf - Nashville's source for Aldila golf shafts
Kirkpatrick Golf - Nashville's source for UST Mamiya golf shafts
Kirkpatrick Golf - Nashville's source for True Temper golf shafts
Kirkpatrick Golf - Nashville's source for Super Stroke golf grips
Kirkpatrick Golf - Nashville's source for KBS golf shafts
Kirkpatrick Golf - Nashville's source for Nippon Shaft golf shafts
Kirkpatrick Golf - Nashville's source for Lamkin golf grips
Kirkpatrick Golf - Nashville's source for Winn golf grips
Kirkpatrick Golf - Nashville's source for Golf Pride golf grips

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