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Nashville Golf Instruction-Kirkpatrick Golf

Kirkpatrick Golf is a state-of-the-art indoor teaching facility conveniently located in Nashville that provides a year-round 72-degree environment. “I wanted to have an indoor center for a number of reasons.” states Steve Kirkpatrick, owner, and PGA Teaching Professional. “Students do not learn as well when they are cold, getting wet or in sweltering heat and humidity. It also provides a more private one-on-one learning environment free from the distractions of peers on the range.”

Kirkpatrick Golf utilizes a Foresight Sports CG-2 simulator software package and digital video system. “Today’s modern simulators enable the student and teacher to see ball flight which is imperative when teaching. Digital video is a great tool because it allows students to see what they are doing rather than guessing.”

Steve Kirkpatrick has thirty-five years’ experience teaching players of all skill levels. He was the 1992 Teacher of the Year in the Georgia PGA Central Chapter. “In my opinion the key to being a good teacher is the ability to communicate with the student. It’s not important what the instructor says, but rather what the student hears and understands.”

Steve has been featured in PGA Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Tee Times Magazine, and has starred in two TV golf instruction programs. He has written three instruction books, The Dimpled Sphere, Why Bad Swings Happen To Good People and The Pocket Caddy.

To schedule a lesson with Steve call Kirkpatrick Golf at (615 ) 760-5810 or visit our contact page to send a message.

Nashville Golf Instruction-Kirkpatrick Golf
The Foresight Sports Simulator provides real-time data for both the instructor and student to help improve their swing.

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