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Putter Fitting and Adjustments

Utilizing Today’s Technology to Adjust and Properly Fit Your Putter

Because putting is over 40 percent of the average golfers’ strokes in a round, having a properly fitted putter can make a significant difference in their scores. The three most important specifications in putter fitting are length, lie angle and loft.

The length is determined by considering a players’ height, wrist to floor measurement and their putting posture.

The loft and lie angles of a putter are important because they both influence the roll and direction of the ball. If the lie angle is incorrect the ball will not start on the intended line. For example, if the putter is too upright the face plane will be aimed left of the hole and the player must compensate for it.

The loft of the putter will determine when the ball starts to roll. Putters on average have 3 degrees of loft so the ball becomes airborne after leaving the putter face. Too much loft and the ball will be in the air too long. Too little loft and the ball bounces severely before it rolls. Both affects the distance the ball travels and how the ball reacts to break.

We utilize the latest technology to determine the proper specifications for your putter. If you choose to buy a new putter it will be built to the correct specifications. If you choose to continue using your current putter, we can make the necessary adjustments using our Mitchell Tour Gauge Putter Machine.

Putter fitting any necessary loft and lie adjustments. Please call Steve at (615) 760-5810 for pricing or to schedule your putter fitting.

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