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Considering that putting is over 40% of the average player’s score, a properly fitted putter can have a significant effect in lowering their scores. The three custom putter specifications determined in a putter fitting are length, loft and lie.

The correct putter length is important because it assures the player is comfortable and balanced when addressing the ball. The fitted putter length is determined by considering the player’s height, wrist to floor measurement and putting posture.

The loft and lie angle of the putter are important because they influence the roll and direction of the ball. Loft is needed on a putter because as the ball rests on the green it pushes down slightly into the grass. The loft is needed to lift the ball up and on to the surface for an end-over-end smooth roll. If you have too little loft on your putter, it will drive the ball into the green making it difficult to get it rolling quickly. Too much loft will cause the ball to hop on impact and skid more before rolling out. Putters on average have between 2 and 4 degrees of loft. Nearly all golfers either add or take away loft at impact due to their stroke tendencies. This is known as dynamic loft. Phil Mickelson has been known to use up to 7 degrees of loft on his putter. Because of his exaggerated forward press, his dynamic loft comes down to 4 degrees.

The final fitting factor is lie angle. If the lie angle is not correct the ball will not start on the intended line. If the putter is too upright (toe up) the putter face will be aligned left of the target. If the putter is too flat (toe down) the putter face will be aligned right of the target.

We utilize the iPing Putter App to determine the proper loft and lie specifications of your putter. This putter fitting app measures the putter’s exact loft and lie at impact. Using this data, we can then make any necessary adjustments using our Mitchell Golf Tour Gage Putter Machine.

The process of measuring your putting stroke and adjusting your putter takes less than 20 minutes to complete. For more information stop by the shop or call us at 615 760-5810.

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