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Torque is a property of golf shafts that describes how much the shaft will rotate or twist during the golf swing. All shafts, steel and graphite exhibit torque which is measured in degrees typically from 2 to 5 degrees. A shaft with a lower torque rating means it will better resist twisting – a shaft with a higher torque rating means the shaft is more prone to twisting.

Because the center of gravity of the clubhead is not in line with the axis of the shaft a rotational or twisting force is exerted on the shaft in both the backswing and forward swing. In steel shafts because the steel material is consistent throughout the shaft, the torque range is very narrow in terms of degrees. Because of this fact torque is not really a factor to worry about when selecting a steel shaft. Graphite shafts however are made in a wide variety of graphite fiber strengths and stiffness. This allows graphite shafts to range from as high as 6 or 7 degrees to as low as 1 degree.

Typically, the heavier and stiffer the shaft the lower the torque rating because these shafts are designed more for stronger players with faster tempos and a late release. Conversely lighter and softer shafts have higher torque ratings. and are designed for average players with slower tempos and a smooth, rhythmic swing.


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